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[Court Heading and Caption. Should include the court name, plaintiffs and defendants and case number.]


COMES NOW, [full name], [father/mother/parents] of the above named minor child[ren], and moves this Court to clarify the language in the Journal Entry of [hearing], dated [date] in the following manner:

1. [Quote the phrases needing clarification and then the manner in which you’d like them clarified.]

An example:

1. The Journal Entry reads as follows:

“more frequent and monitored visits between mother and child will occur”

Movant requests that this language be clarified to include:

A. Exact days, times and locations the visits should occur.

B. Date visitation will commence.

WHEREFORE, movant prays for the relief as set forth above and for such other and further relief as the Court deems just and proper.

[Full Name & Address]

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